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Microneedling with PRP

What is PRP Treatment?

microneedling with PRP

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma and refers to a concentration of platelets in a small volume of plasma. Platelets play an integral part in blood clotting as well as release growth factors which aid healing processes and can promote collagen production, improving skin texture and appearance when applied topically.

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What Is Microneedling?

microneedling with PRP

If you want to improve the appearance of your skin, microneedling could be just what’s needed. This technique uses small needles to cause micro-injuries within the skin surface by puncturing with needles.

This process stimulates the skin’s natural healing mechanism, enhances collagen production, and improves texture and appearance of the skin.

Microneedling with PRP Benefits

microneedling with PRP

Microneedling with PRP treatment does not show a statistically significant difference from standard microneedling treatments.

Microneedling with PRP offers numerous advantages. Microneedling stimulates collagen production directly, which in turn can improve wrinkles, scars and other signs of aging while simultaneously aiding wound healing and decreasing inflammation.

Microneedling with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP,) is an increasingly popular treatment that may prove more effective than microneedling alone for certain applications. PRP is derived from your blood and contains many growth factors that promote healing and collagen production, making this combination treatment especially advantageous.

Microneedling combined with PRP increases serum absorption and can enhance its results, furthering results of treatment. Microneedling may also be combined with other products like hyaluronic corrosive serums or vitamin serums; when used together these treatments help the skin look brighter and younger than ever before!

Microneedling – PRP offers many amazing skin treatments, and one such benefit of Microneedling-PRP therapy is:

The cost of Microneedling treatment

microneedling with PRP

The cost of a microneedling with PRP treatment can run anywhere from $300-$800 per session, depending on the area of the treatment, the number of needed sessions to get the desired result, the type of the imperfection, and the level of the skin problem as well as any additional PRP treatments that you need or plan on doing.

You must seek professional treatment with approved equipment and high-quality products and not only look for inexpensive treatments. This process could be high risk if the clinic doesn’t follow the right procedure and safety protocols!

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How long does it take to see the microneedling result?

microneedling with PRP

It typically takes a few sessions to see the microneedling result. Some people may start to see results after the first session, but the full results will likely be reached after a few sessions. We typically recommend 6 sessions 1month apart. Most patients see results in 3months.

Maximum results are reached 3months after you finish your last session. The effects of microneedling with PRP are usually long-lasting. If you continue to use appropriate anti-aging skin care and sun protection, you can prolong the result of your treatment considerably. 

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What are Microneedling risks?

microneedling with PRP

The risks associated with Microneedling include:

Microneedling Pre-Treatment Care

microneedling with PRP

Contact us at Golden Pulse Cosmetic center before your treatment to consult with the clinic medical doctor or expert technicians if you have any special health or skin condition.

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Microneedling Post-Treatment Care

microneedling with PRP

Contact us at Golden Pulse Cosmetic center and Laser Hair Removal Clinic after your treatment to consult with the clinic medical doctor or expert technicians if you feel any unusual reaction or condition on your skin.

A Safety Advice

microneedling with PRP

For at least 7 hours after your Microneedling treatment, do not use any Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Beta Hydroxy Acid, Retinol (Vitamin A), Vitamin C (in a low pH formula), or anything perceived as ‘active’ skincare.

If you have decided that Microneedling richmond hill and Toronto is the best option for you, contact us to schedule your free consultation at Golden Pulse Cosmetic clinic in Richmond Hill or Newmarket.

Picture of Shohreh Nosrati
Shohreh Nosrati

Shohreh Nosrati, a seasoned skincare specialist, founded the Golden Pulse Center back in 2014. With a wide array of certifications in the beauty industry, her expertise spans across laser services, medical facials, microneedling, microblading, and various permanent makeup techniques.

Shohreh is widely recognized as a certified international master trainer in the Scalp Micropigmentation technique. Her dedication to continuous learning underscores her commitment to delivering the highest level of care and service to her valued clients.

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