Can I Exercise 24 Hours after Microneedling?

You can exercise after microneedling. However, you should wait at least 24 hours before resuming any strenuous activity. Additionally, it is important to avoid excessive sweating or sun exposure immediately afterward as these could irritate your skin and cause additional inflammation or redness.

Skin is sensitive after micro-needling treatment and can be easily irritated by excessive activity. If you experience any discomfort or increased redness after exercising, it is a good idea to stop and take a break until the symptoms subside. Always make sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after your workout routine to keep your skin hydrated.

What happens during a facial?

We always start with the skin test, and verification, which helps the aesthetician determine the right procedure and product for your skin type and address your concerns. Most facial procedures need one or two sessions, however, for some of the stronger treatments such as Microneedling and PRP, it could be advised to arrange more sessions to see the desired result. We never rush and risk your beauty and skin. Harsh procedures have high risks and unpleasant side effects!

Is there a facial for men?

Yes, in fact, we offer several treatments and facial procedures for men specially designed and formulated for men and for their unique needs.  The facial for men consists of similar steps that are applied to the women’s facial such as cleansing, exfoliation, steaming, creams, and a facemask. However, based on the type of the men’s skin, we may consider a procedure with a stronger product.

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Can I work out after a facial treatment?

Men or women, who exercise and work out on a regular basis, may ask if it is fine to get back to the gym or spend hours outside in fresh air for running or jogging after a facial treatment. The short answer is “Reschedule your workout”. It is better to avoid any workout or physical activity at least for a day. Increasing heat in the skin and sweating after a facial treatment can be irritating to your freshly exfoliated skin or reduce the effects of the beauty products.

Can I wash my face with water after a facial?

The short answer is yes, but always follow your clinic’s pre and post-treatment recommendations after any facial treatment. Always, be gentle with your face after a facial. It is better to wait at least 6 hours before washing your face with water. Let the facial treatment products sit on your face for a while. Washing your face can remove the serums and skin products and reduce the effect of the treatment.

Always, take a shower before a facial treatment, a shower cleans the pores and prepares the body for detox, which will help the treatment.

Can I wear light makeup after a facial treatment?

The answer depends on the type of facial treatment. If your face looks red from the exfoliation or extractions after a medical facial treatment such as Microneedling or deep Microdermabrasion, it is better to avoid makeup with a full-coverage concealer. For light facial treatments such as relaxing facial, light therapy, or gold facial, you may have a light makeup if it is necessary or if you should go to a ceremony or party. 

However, it is recommended and safer to avoid makeup at least for a day after your treatment and just apply moisturizer and sunscreen to protect your skin. After a deep cleaning facial or Microneedling, the pores on the skin are more open and your skin is sensitive and susceptible to more bacteria.  

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