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Dermaplaning facial

We offer customized high-quality medical-grade facials treatments based on your skin type, conditions, and concerns. At Golden pulse cosmetic center, we have a variety of facial treatments that work on different aspects of skin problems such as fine lines, wrinkles, pore congestion, skin texture, pigmentation, and so on. Book our appointment for our free skin assessment and consultation.

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Oxygenating Trio Facial Procedure

This is an antioxidant therapy that leaves the skin radiant with a healthy look.

Oxygenating Trio Facial is an ideal treatment one to two days before special events. This treatment may also rejuvenate skin that has been exposed to pollutants, such as tobacco smoke and other toxins that starve cells of their oxygen.

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At Golden Pulse cosmetic center, we offer a variety of medical facial treatments including:

Our Five-Star Facial Services

Golden Pulse Richmond Hill Acne Treatment

Acne is the most common skin concern. Acne occurs when there is a build-up of oil in your skin, which clogs your pores creating whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples on the surface of your skin. While acne is common, its severity varies. There’s not a one-size-fits-all remedy. Consulting with our medical estheticians to find the best treatment & products for your concern in the best way. We ensure that your skin condition is treated appropriately and specific to your unique needs.

Anti Aging Golden Pulse Richmond Hill

85% of visible aging can be attributed to external factors, such as sun exposure. These damages could lead to fine lines and wrinkles. When treating visible aging, it is important to use products that treat existing damage and prevent future damage.  In this treatment, we are using products that minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and firm the skin with minimal downtime.

Chemical Facial Richmond Hill

Discoloration is a condition that is caused by sun damage, hormonal shifts, or skin injuries. It is important to see a clinician before starting treatment to make sure that discoloration is benign. In this treatment, we combine Microdermabrasion with PCA pigmentation products to see more effective results.

Medical Facial Richmond Hill

Our super-soothing facial treatments bring relief to our patients who suffer from sensitive skin, or irritated, reactive. The calming facial treatments soothe your skin by targeting the reasons behind your redness, itching, and stinging. Besides this facial treatment speed up recovery of skin health.

Facial Golden Pulse Richmond Hill

The chemical peel treatment is designed to regenerate and rejuvenate the skin. We are utilizing approved products that are medical-grade, tailored to gently and effectively reduce the appearance of chronic sun exposure, blemishes, uneven skin tone, acne, and enlarged pores.

Dermaplaning Golden Pulse Richmond Hill

Dermaplanining is a medical treatment that requires the use of a sterile, surgical blade to gently remove the top layer of dead skin along with fine facial hairs. This treatment helps to improve the appearance of acne scars and hyperpigmentation and the effects of the procedure are instant in leaving the skin with a smooth appearance and a radiant glow. Along with the removal of fine hairs, it results in healthier skin that feels smoother and silkier.

This is an effective treatment for people looking to make their skin appear more youthful, smooth, and bright. The benefits of this treatment are as following:

  • Removes all dead cells from the skin surface
  • Even out skin tone
  • Removes the impurities which clog skin pores
  • Makes the skin smoother
  • Removes all hair and peach fuzz
  • Allows better application of makeup products
  • Allows better application of modalities, such as laser, IPL, Ultrasound, RF, etc.
  • Allows better absorption of serums and skincare products, as the barrier of dead cells is removed
  • It gives a better glow of the skin for the camera, as well as for everyday life.

Medical Facial LED light Therapy Richmond Hill

The LED which is stands for Light Emitting Diode is an affordable treatment that is good for all skin types and doesn’t have any downtime or side effects.

It is a great treatment for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improving uneven skin tone, reducing pores size, and brightening the skin & rejuvenating the youthful look of skin.

Different wavelengths and colors of light have very specific effects on the skin, including anti-aging effects, wrinkle removal, scar treatment, acne treatment, and more.

This treatment is fast and effective. The recommended professional LED protocol is six treatments a week or two apart, followed by a maintenance treatment every month or two. LED treatments are painless and relaxing, and in winter have a side benefit of counteracting seasonal affective disorder (SAD). 

A galvanic facial can be considered a “non-surgical facelift and results include smoothed out wrinkles, tightened muscles, and increased blood circulation, which cause nourishing the skin cells. Galvanic facials can be very beneficial for individuals with very oily and acne skin too.

A galvanic facial involves the use of mild electric currents of positive and negative ions to refresh, stimulate and rejuvenate the skin. The theory behind the galvanic method is that the skin has “electrical channels that can be modified” and enhanced, says clinical and research dermatologist Zoe D. Draelos, MD.

This treatment increase oxygen and circulation, Detoxify the skin, reduce wrinkle balance oiliness, heal acne scars, and helps deeper penetration of skin products.

Eye Treatment Richmond Hill

Most of us have a concern of Dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkle around our eyes and we’ve tiered different eye creams with no result.

At Golden Pulse laser clinic we are using Radio Frequency combined with PCA skincare products to work on the concerns that we have on the skin around our eyes.

Radiofrequency is a soothing, non-surgical procedure and by creating hit, stimulates your own collagen production in order to reduce the appearance of fine lines and loose skin. The results will be natural, subtle, and beautiful.

For ideal results, patients are recommended to schedule 3-5 treatments (3-4 week intervals). 

Gold Facial Richmond Hill

Egyptians believed the healing powers of gold could cure all manner of physical, mental, and spiritual ailments. Romans used gold preparations for the treatment of skin lesions and sores. In ancient Chinese medicine, gold was the secret to youthful skin. Today, gold leaf is used in the treatment and rejuvenation of skin conditions. The application of gold compounds to medicine, called chrysotherapy, reduces inflammation beneficial in the treatment of a variety of diseases, but this therapy often causes adverse gold-related skin reactions.

Using gold for skin treatment has become popular nowadays. Although, the use of gold in skincare products was very well known in ancient times and was used by the Japanese, Romans, and Egyptians since early times. Gold has different effects on the skin which is included but are not limited to:

With gold treatment, wrinkles, fine lines, spots can be reduced.

This treatment could stimulate skin cells to produce healthier skin.

Gold could prevent Premature Aging of the Skin.

Gold Can lighten the complexion.

It could slow down the collagen decrease in the body.

Sun damage can be treated by gold treatment.

Allergies can be treated.

Gold treatment could work on inflammation.

The elasticity of the skin can be increased.

Gold brings a good radiance to the skin.

 To sum up, gold is gold. You will have to try it to believe the amazing gold skincare benefits.

At Golden Pulse cosmetic center, we are using 99.9 % pure gold which is completed by unique ingredients and systems that overcome Gold’s difficulty in penetrating the skin and dissolving easily.

Richmond Hill Facial

This treatment with its strong antibacterial and antioxidant action purify the skin, clean the pores, minimizes their appearance.

LED light therapy is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment that uses low-level light energy to stimulate collagen production, reduce inflammation, and promote healing in the skin. Since this treatment does not involve hair removal or cause irritation to the underarm area, you can continue using your regular deodorant after the procedure.

PRP Richmond Hill Facial

At Golden Pulse Cosmetic Clinic, besides several facial procedures, we offer our clients PRP facial treatment under medical doctor supervision. PRP is an amazing natural skin treatment with several immediate benefits.

PRP Facial Richmond Hill

PRP or Platelet-Rich Plasma accelerates the body’s natural healing process by using a high concentration of platelets taken from the patient’s own blood. The plasma extracted from blood is full of healing and growth factors, therefore PRP can speed up the natural course of the rebuilding of the tissue and the healing process. PRP is an effective and novel non-surgical procedure for treating several skin imperfections such as acne scars, surgical scars, uneven and dull skin tone, hyperpigmentation issues, fine lines, and wrinkles. PRP procedure has many other applications in the beauty and medical sectors such as hair-loss treatment and even in some dental procedures.

At Golden Pulse clinic, we use PRP facial treatment as a stand-alone treatment or in conjunction with other treatments such as Microneedling. PRP treatment has three steps, drawing the patient’s blood, using a centrifugal machine to separate the platelets from the rest of the blood, and re-integrating the platelets into the skin.

The benefits of PRP treatment are as follows:

PCA skincare line

PCA skin treatments and products are available through license skin health  Professionals that have been trained and certified by PCA company and we are one of them. With the help of this amazing skincare line, we combine Health, Beauty, and Science to create a unique treatment for your skin.



  • Facial Wash Oily / Problem
  • Creamy Cleanser
  • Total Wash (Men)
  • Blemish Control Bar
  • Pigment Bar
  • Dry Skin Relief Bar


  • Apres Peel Hydrating Balm
  • Clear Skin
  • Collagen Hydrator
  • Hydraluxe
  • Rebalance
  • Silk Coat Balm


  • A&C Synergy Serum
  • C&E Strength Max
  • C&E Strength
  • ExLinea Peptide Smoothing Serum
  • Hyaluronic Acid Boosting Serum
  • Hydrating Serum
  • Rejuvenating Serum
  • Retinol Renewal with RestorAtive Complex
  • Total Strength Serum


  • Detoxifying Mask
  • Hydrating Mask
  • Pore Refining Treatment 
  • Purifying Mask
  • Revitalizing Mask


  • Intensive Age Refining Treatment
  • Intensive Brightening Treatment
  • Intensive Clarity Treatment
  • Retinol Renewal with Restore -Active Complex
  • Retinol Treatment for Sensitive Skin


  • Gentle Exfoliant

Eye, Neck, Lip

  • EyeXcellence
  • Revitalizing Eye Ge
  • Restorative Eye Cream
  • Peptide Lip Therapy
  • Perfecting Neck & Décolleté