Black Friday Deals 2021

Black Friday Deals Golden Pulse

Black Friday Sale Laser Hair Removal, Microneedling, Scalp Micropigmentation, Gold Facial, and many other interesting beauty services at Golden Pulse clinic with special prices are available now!

Luxury Gold Facial

Gold Facial At Golden Pulse Laser Clinic

Using gold for skin treatment has become popular nowadays. Although, the use of gold in skin care products was very well known in ancient times and was used by the Japanese, Romans, and Egyptians since early times. Gold has different effects on the skin which is included but are not limited to: With gold treatment, […]

Golden winter skincare tips

winter skincare

Your skin needs more attention during long cold winter. You should add more moisture to your skin by using a reliable humidifier to keep your sensitive skin hydrated. In the cold season, the central heaters make the air drier in particular when the heater is set at 72 F and above. In Golden pulse clinic, […]