Phibrows Microblading

The tattooing is a traditional technique, using needles and the ink. In this technique, the tattoo artist deposit ink into the second layer of skin known as the dermis. After the wound scabs over and the skin heals, the tattoo design exposes under the formed new layer.

A tattoo can be done either with the help of tattooing machines or by hand. Since in this procedure, the ink penetrates the brow skin rather deep, this procedure almost results in permanent marks. As a result, any modification on a tattoo is usually too difficult, costly and time-consuming. In addition, comparing with Phibrows microblading technique, the texture of the tattoo is usually sharper, with defined lines which mostly looks like, filling the eyebrow with a cosmetic pencil.

PhiBrows is a manual, semi-permanent technique for eyebrow drawing in which the shape of eyebrows is calculated according to facial morphology and golden proportion. The technique is intended for anyone over the age of 18 (persons under 18 must be accompanied by their parents) who want to correct the aesthetic problems of their eyebrows.

Phibrows microblading is a makeup technique of shaping and drawing eyebrows by creating micro-cuts and inserting the pigment under the surface layer of skin. This technique creates a natural look, which can later be customized and retouched easily. Phibrows is a methodology to deliver outstanding shape symmetry based on the eyebrows golden ratio.