“Follicular Edema”( Red Skin Bumps)

Different people show difference reaction to laser hair removal depending on the skin and hair types that they have. One of the reactions is Follicular Edema. Follicular Edema is an inflammation of the hair follicle which could cause skin to be swollen, itchy and blemishes. It is a temporary reaction and it would last from 30 minutes to a couple of hours.

The reason for Follicular Edema is that during the laser hair removal treatment, the laser concentrates a large amount of heat on each hair follicle and depending on skin type and thickness of hair, this energy causes changes to the follicle which can make it swell and red. In this case and also to prevent Follicula Edema, you shouldn’t schedule your laser hair removal appointment before your daily workout. Anything that causes you to heat up or perspire should be avoided for a day or two after your treatment. You should also stay away from hot showers, hot baths, and hot tubs for at least 24 hours.

Golden Pulse Laser Clinic -Red Skin Bumps
Golden Pulse Laser Clinic -Red Skin Bumps