Black Friday Special Offer (Limited Time)

Black Friday Offer For Laser Hair Removal

Black Friday Special Offer (Limited Time)


We are offering amazing laser treatment packages for the cold Fall and Winter seasons now!

Fall is a perfect season to start your laser hair treatment process and you will probably complete your treatment sessions in spring. So, therefore, after the cold seasons of the year, you will be ready to wear your light clothes, shorts, and swimming suits under the hot summer sun.

As a general role, doing the laser process on summer tanned skin needs more post-treatment precision to avoid side effects of the summer sun on the skin after the laser treatment. Moreover, tanned skin with excess melanin (pigment) at the surface decreases the efficiency of the laser treatment process.

Laser hair removal works because the dark pigments in the hair follicles absorb laser energy more than other skin cells, but the laser energy cannot determine if the dark melanin is in the hair follicle or your skin. Therefore, laser hair removal entailed more risk for people with colored tanned skin due to the potential for skin damage.

The fall and winter schedule helps you to protect your sensitive treated skin against harmful sunlight when you are wearing fully covered winter clothing, and simply it is a lot easier to avoid the sun in the fall and winter versus spring and summer. Furthermore, in fall you have the minimum amount of color on your skin. Remember that, it is strongly recommended to avoid laser treatment on colored and tanned skin.

Laser hair removal can be costly but it’s an effective way to get rid of unwanted hairs. You will need usually about 6 to ten treatments before achieving approximately 80 percent clearance and an optimal result. Therefore, if you schedule your treatment now, you’ll have enough time for multiple treatments before the warm summer arrives.

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