Can i use vaseline after laser hair removal?

Using Vaseline and Moisturizers after Laser Hair Removal

It is essential to follow a proper post-laser hair removal treatment skincare, and it is important to moisturize your skin after laser treatment. Vaseline or Petroleum jelly is a well-known and effective moisturizer because it creates a barrier film on top of the skin and preserves skin water. Vaseline can be used as an everyday moisturizer for dry skin.  

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or PHI in short is a kind of pigmentation that can happen after laser hair treatment especially if a harsh treatment causes an injury on the skin. Applying healing ointment and moisturizer after laser hair removal treatment could reduce the risk of post-treatment PIH because they aid the wound healing process and prevent wounds from drying out. The skin is more sensitive after laser treatment and petroleum jelly can be used to keep the skin moisturized, and to prevent irritation and scab formation.

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Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Laser Hair Removal is a procedure that a laser technician usually performs to remove permanently body unwanted hairs. The laser machine generates a concentrated high-energy beam of light on hair follicles to destroy them.

Laser treatment can be used almost on all parts of the body including the face, chest, armpits, back, bikini line, and legs. 

What to Do After Laser Hair Removal?

Swelling and reddening around the treated area is the most common side effect of laser hair reduction. However, this is temporary. You might feel like you are getting a sunburn for the first few hours. The swelling and redness should disappear in one or two days. You can use topical cooling creams, Vaseline, or Aloe Vera gel during this period to reduce discomfort.

The laser treatment will not cause your hair to fall out instantly, but it will happen gradually over the next few weeks, so have a little patience. Each hair follicle on the body may have a different growth cycle timing. This means that there will be some patches of hair regrowth. These areas will be treated during follow-up visits until the regrowth is eliminated.

Using Vaseline and Moisturizers after Laser Hair Removal

What do you need to do after Laser hair removal treatment?

These are some tips to keep in mind after a laser hair removal session to promote skin healing and avoid side effects.

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Avoid the sun on your skin

Your skin will become sensitive after laser hair removal and it is generally advised to avoid direct sunlight exposure. Apply sunscreen every day to the treatment area after your laser session.

Apply a good moisturizer

Keep your skin moisturized. Talk with your laser technician to get more information about the proper moisturizers available in the market, where you are living.

Avoid heat

Avoid heat for the first 24 hours after your appointment. Exercising, hot showers, baths, saunas, and steam rooms can cause discoloration and infection. It is usually okay to go back to the gym after 24 hours if you feel normal otherwise talk with your doctor or your laser clinic to avoid any risk. A void of the sun for at least 2 weeks. The UV light from tanning beds and other sources after laser hair removal can cause permanent pigmentation or scarring.

Cool the treatment area

Use a soft, clean washcloth, put it on the area, and soak it in cool water. An ice pack wrapped in paper towels can be helpful. This will reduce the temporary swelling and pain following laser hair removal. However, cooling skin is not required, if your clinic is using a new laser technology such as Soprano Ice. This machine is equipped with a closed-circle cooling system and keeps the treatment area cool during the laser process.

Skin routine changes

You can keep the Retinoid or Hydroxyl acids off your skin for up to a week. Instead, apply a mild cleanser and a soothing, moisturizing cream. It would be better to wait at least two weeks before you scheduled microdermabrasion, chemical Peel, Botox, or other dermal Fillers.

Using Vaseline and Moisturizers after Laser Hair Removal

Can you use Vaseline after laser hair removal?

The short answer is Yes. The treated area may experience some reddening and swelling. After treatment, you can apply Vaseline, after-sun cream, or aloe Vera gel to the treated area for soothing skin. The area might need to be soothed by applying an ice pack when you use old laser technology.

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What shouldn't you do after laser hair removal?

Do not change your laser schedule that has been set by your technician. Following a proper laser treatment plan and maintaining the correct treatment interval is increasing the result of your treatments and reduces the number of sessions needed to see the desired result.

Using Vaseline and Moisturizers after Laser Hair Removal

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