Pregnancy & Laser Hair Removal

Pregnancy & Laser Hair Removal

The question is that is it safe to do laser hair removal during pregnancy?

Shaving becomes a difficult task when you’re pregnant. As your belly grows and your body tries to become a little person, getting to your legs to shave the hairs gets tough. You may wonder, is now a good time to do laser hair removal?

Laser therapy targets the dark pigment in the hair follicle and releases light energy to inhibit the hair follicles, which in general is a safe treatment for the body & skin if it’s done by certified laser therapy and the right laser machine. But during pregnancy due to lack of information on the effects of laser hair treatment on fetuses, it is best to play it safe and don’t do laser during this period.

The main reason is that we don’t have enough information about the impact laser hair removal could have on your unborn baby but aside from safety, there are other reasons why it is better to not mix laser hair removal and pregnancy:

During pregnancy, our hormonal balance changes and that could make some changes on the cycle of hair growth which makes the laser treatment less effective. Another factor is that the skin gets more sensitive during pregnancy. Stretching skin and increased blood flow in your body can make your skin extra sensitive during pregnancy. This could make laser hair removal more uncomfortable than usual. Also, during pregnancy, lots of moms get hyperpigmentation (pregnancy mask). Which could make laser hair removal less effective.

So aside from safe, there are other factors like hormonal imbalance, more sensitivity on skin & hyperpigmentation during pregnancy, that prove pregnancy it’s not a good time to do laser hair removal. Now the question is that how loge after pregnancy you can have laser hair removal?

Laser Hair Removal For Pregnant

Generally, laser hair removal is safe when you are breastfeeding. However, hormones can affect hair growth, so it’s advised to wait until about six months after your baby is born. That will give your hormones and hair growth cycle time to get back to normal.

During this period, you can do your homework to search for a qualified center to receive the right treatment for yourself. At golden pulse laser clinic, we have technicians with years of experience working with laser & Soprano ice machines which are the best in the market for hair removal treatment, and five stars reviews which make our location a qualified center for your laser treatment after pregnancy!

Meanwhile, the most important thing is to enjoy being a new mum and focus on wellness.

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