How long for microblading to heal?

Microblading fills in any eyebrow gaps and enhances their shape and size. It may also be referred to as 3-D eyebrow embroidery, microstroking, or semi-permanent makeup for enhanced definition and brightness.

Microblading is a unique procedure that uses several needles attached to a handle to make small cuts in the skin. The technician injects pigment into these cuts for an exact replica of your original hair color in each eyebrow hair.

Microblading is a cosmetic procedure that causes minor cuts to the skin. To understand how this healing process works, it’s essential to be informed.

Here, we outline some potential side effects from Microblading treatment.

What are the stages of Microblading healing?

There are usually six stages of Microblading, some of which overlap.

  1. Eyebrows swollen and dark
  2. Scabbing and flaking
  3. Brows have almost gone, eyebrows too light
  4. The color is back, but the brows are patchy.
  5. Touch up session
  6. Full recovery 

These are the most common stages in the Microblading healing process. They are also some periods within which they might occur. It is difficult to get through the beginning, especially since you must take extra care not to harm your newly Microbladed eyebrows or skin. Some stages of Microblading healing could be manageable if you are lucky. However, be ready for the worst. Some of them can be fully irritating.

How long does eyebrow Microblading take to heal?

How long for Microblading take to heal?

Microblading heals in 4-8 weeks, depending on your age and body reaction. There are stages of swelling, tenderness, and color changing. The healing process begins immediately after your procedure. Each person’s skin will heal at a different rate and it all depends on your skin type, your age, the quality of treatment you received, and your overall health condition.

Over the first 10-14 days your eyebrow’s appearance will change. Every day you notice a change in the color, texture, and shape of your eyebrows. In addition, you will experience different sensations on your skin. Your face may initially feel tender, tight, and painful. In addition, your skin could be itchy or becomes flaky. After the pigment sets and the skin heals completely, Microbladed eyebrows are in their final shape. Book a touch-up to correction session to modify any imperfections that may have occurred during healing.

Microblading can last for up to 30 months and to maintain the desired look, it could be needed to have touch-ups approximately every 12-18 months. After every touch-up session, a healing process would be repeated.


Daily Microblading healing stages

If you have any queries about Microblading, don’t hesitate to speak with your provider. They can offer helpful advice and information regarding post-care requirements as well.

Here is what to typically expect after the procedure:

Days 1- 3
Your eyebrows may look fuller, but you may experience tender skin or itching when touched. This could indicate that your nerves are oversensitive in the treated area. Medications and treatments may help alleviate some of the pain you’re feeling; speak to your clinic if more assistance is necessary.

On the first day, your eyebrows may appear full and bold. Although the color may seem dark at first, it will eventually fade.

Furthermore, you may experience:

These side effects should become less gradually by days 2/3.

Days 3-5

Eyebrows appear very dark and then begin to flake.

Your brows will become darker and dense as the tenderness and pain subside. They are still very bold. Your brows will start to scab by day 5. They will appear flaky and itchy. This is normal and is a sign that your skin is healing.

Days 5-8

Flaking continues, and the color fades

Expect more flaking, scabbing, and peeling.

Avoid picking at the scabs. This can cause wounds to reopen and delay the healing process. You might have a patchy appearance due to the loss of pigment. Just let the scabs drop off naturally.

The dark color will fade and your brows flake. The color will return, do not be worried!

Days 8-12

Flaking ends, color returns

The flaking should stop after the first week. The color will also start to return.

Day 12-21

Color and texture appear more natural

Your eyebrow color should be more natural and even. You will have more defined brow hairs, giving you the illusion of feathery eyebrows.

Day 21-30

Skin healing completion

Your skin will be completely healed within one month. In addition, there should not be any discomfort or pain. Your eyebrows should look full and soft.

You will likely be scheduled for a follow-up appointment with your provider in a month or two. They will check your skin for signs of healing and fix any problems.

Healing of the Microbladed after a touch-up

Permanent makeup can fade naturally over time. After your first Microblading session, you will need to have regular touch-ups. This will ensure that your eyebrows remain with a defined shape and color. It would be best to have your skin touched every 12-18 months. The best frequency will depend on what look you prefer.

The touchup frequency depends on how well your skin retains the pigment. Some people may notice a rapid fade of the pigment, and they required touch-ups that are more frequent.

A touch-up is similar to the first session but is performed on a smaller scale. The touch-up is limited to a small area of the brow, not the entire brow. Moreover, the healing process is similar, but some people experience shorter healing times following touch-ups. Everybody is different.


Your skin type, age, and lifestyle will all affect the duration of your post eyebrows’ Microblading healing journey as well as the permanency of the result. To get the best results, it is essential to understand Microblading and follow the correct aftercare procedures fully.


How long does eyebrow Microblading take to heal?

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