Can You Wear Makeup or Wash Face after Facial?

What is a facial?

Can You Workout After A Facial

In general, a facial is a skin treatment to clean pores, exfoliate dead skin cells, and treat most common skin concerns with facial products and masks. The main goal of the majority of facial treatments is to rejuvenate and nourish the face, making skin appear healthier and younger.

Besides relaxing and refreshing masks and facial treatments, in Golden Pulse Clinic we offer deeper and stronger procedures such as Microneedling, Lightning, and Chemical peel to address more serious skin imperfections and concerns.

We only use Canadian and FDA-approved products in our procedures and our certified aestheticians provide you with all information needed in a free consultation session. 

What happens during a facial?

Can You Workout After A Facial

Most facial procedures need one or two sessions, however, for some of the stronger treatments such as Microneedling and PRP, it could be advised to arrange more sessions to see the desired result. We never rush and risk your beauty and skin. Harsh procedures have high risks and unpleasant side effects!

Is there a facial for men?

Can You Workout After A Facial

Yes, in fact, we offer several treatments and facial procedures for men specially designed and formulated for men and for their unique needs.

The facial for men consists of similar steps that are applied to the women’s facial such as cleansing, exfoliation, steaming, creams, and a facemask. However, based on the type of the men’s skin, we may consider a procedure with a stronger product.

Can I work out after a facial treatment?

Can You Workout After A Facial

Men or women who exercise on a regular basis may wonder whether it’s safe to return to the gym or spend hours outside running or jogging after having had facial treatments. To put it simply: “reschedule your workout”. Ideally, any physical activities should be avoided for at least 24 hours post treatment.

Increased heat in the skin and sweating after receiving facial treatments may be uncomfortable for your newly exfoliated skin and reduce their effectiveness.

Can I wear light makeup after a facial treatment?

Can You Workout After A Facial

Answer depends on the type of facial treatment. If your skin appears red due to exfoliation or extraction from medical treatments such as Microneedling or deep Microdermabrasion, full coverage concealer would likely be best.

Light facial treatments like relaxing facial, light therapy or gold facial may require light makeup; if necessary or required for ceremonies or parties. It is generally safest and recommended that makeup should be avoided for at least a day post treatment and only moisturizer and sunscreen applied instead to protect your skin.

After having undergone either Microneedling or deep cleansing facial, pores on your skin become more open, making your complexion more vulnerable and susceptible to bacteria growth.

Can I wash my face with water after a facial?

Can You Workout After A Facial

The short answer is yes, but always follow your clinic’s pre and post-treatment recommendations after any facial treatment. Always, be gentle with your face after a facial. It is better to wait at least 6 hours before washing your face with water. Let the facial treatment products sit on your face for a while.

Washing your face can remove the serums and skin products and reduce the effect of the treatment.

Always, take a shower before a facial treatment, a shower cleans the pores and prepares the body for detox, which will help the treatment.

At Golden Pulse cosmetic center and laser hair removal in Richmond Hill, we offer a variety of medical facial treatments including:

Shohreh Nosrati
Shohreh Nosrati

Shohreh Nosrati, a seasoned skincare specialist, founded the Golden Pulse Center back in 2014. With a wide array of certifications in the beauty industry, her expertise spans across laser services, medical facials, microneedling, microblading, and various permanent makeup techniques.

Shohreh is widely recognized as a certified international master trainer in the Scalp Micropigmentation technique. Her dedication to continuous learning underscores her commitment to delivering the highest level of care and service to her valued clients.

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