Can I use Laser Hair Removal For Thinning Hair?

If you are looking to reduce hair growth or thin your coarse body hair, we recommend a laser hair removal treatment package. This procedure can reduce or thin your hair. You can always add more treatment sessions to remove your unwanted hair completely or reduce hair density. If you wish to only reduce the hair density or change your coarse hair to a thin hair texture probably you need a smaller laser treatment package.

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What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal can be used to remove unwanted hair from your body. This treatment is non-invasive and doesn’t require you to make any cuts on your skin. This treatment can be done on any part of the body in any skin type. However, it is most popular in these areas:

Laser hair removal is now one of the most efficient and safest ways to permanently reduce facial and unwanted body hair. Lasers emit a concentrated beam of light that travels to the hair follicles. The heat permanently damages the roots of the hair. To make the laser treatment effective, these follicles must be at a certain stage of their growth but, not all hair follicles grow at the same rate. therefore, you need several laser treatment sessions to target a reasonable percentage of the treatment area’s hair follicles. Also, for an effective laser treatment, you must repeat the sessions every 4-6 weeks. A laser technician should examine your skin and hair to set your laser treatment properly based on your actual requirements.

Can I Use Laser Hair Removal For Thin Hair?

Laser Hair Removal Results

Many factors influence the outcome of this medical procedure, including the type and amount of hair on the body, the treatment area, and the quality of the laser machine and treatment. It can also be different from one person to another person. Some of the most noticeable long-term effects are:

Laser hair removal for thinning hair

People who want to keep a small amount of hair in one area such as their hands may need fewer sessions. This allows some hair follicles to remain untreated and results in thinner hair.

Laser treatment eliminates most melanin from the treated areas, and as the result, the hair that grows back is often much finer and less visible.

As mentioned, each hair has a different growth cycle timing, and some hair follicles might not be damaged by laser treatment and could regrow after the treatment session. If it is planned to remove unwanted hair from the treatment area, sufficient lase sessions are needed to target over 90% of hair follicles. Laser hair removal can be used to not only remove hairs in the long-term but also reduce hair density or hair thickness.

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Can I Use Laser Hair Removal For Thin Hair?

How many treatments do you need to thin your hair?

The amount of hair you want to get rid of will determine how many treatments you need. For thinner hair, you will typically need fewer sessions. You can decide after each session whether you want to stop further treatments or leave the hair as it is.

While most people only require two to three sessions to thin their hair, others might need six. A laser technician can also advise you about the number of treatment sessions that you probably need.

In which body areas can you thin out hair by laser hair removal?

Laser therapy can be used to thin your hair. In general, avoid laser treatment for skin with tattoos. Some men believe that a hair-free body will diminish their masculinity. Who is to decide what’s right or wrong? It all depends on your personal preferences and your partner’s wishes. Many male patients are skeptical about permanently removing their hair on the wishes of their spouse. They may be more open to the idea that they need only to reduce their hair.

Laser hair removal has no set goals. You can choose to reduce or thin the hair, rather than completely remove it. Laser hair removal is popular among male patients for its ability to thin hair and decrease hair growth.

Can I Use Laser Hair Removal For Thin Hair?

Who should not have laser hair removal?

Before you have laser hair removal, consult your Laser technician. 


Laser hair removal can be used to reduce hair density, making the remaining hairs finer and less noticeable. For any concern or desired goal, it is best to discuss all available options with your laser technician before taking any treatments. Call us to book a free consolation and test appointment now.

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