Black Magnet Therapy

Effects of the magnet on skin:

Magnets draw impurities and shrink pores and leave skin clean, the surface is smoother and able to breathe better. This leads to fewer acne breakouts and therefore, less dark marks and scars for clearer, smoother skin. It also helps face current acne scars, dark spot and remove blackheads.

What does Magnetic Facial do for skin?

This facial has different steps that work on a different aspect of our skin.

The first step is Magnetic scrub apply scrub with magnet granule to skin and scrub skin with that which is pore purifying for skin.

The second step is using Magnetic Black Mask which helps blood circulation & metabolism stimulating.

The third step is Bell Therapy. By cupping skin, we stimulate lymph drainage and blood circulation to improve circulation and detoxifying the skin. This step causes Firming & Regenerating for the skin.

The last step is applying the Magnetic Modeling mask. This mask contains a high level of nourishing ingredients that brighten the dull complex and increase elasticity in skin. In the end, Skin is visibly radiant, smoother, firmer, and tighter for younger-looking skin over time.