Why Laser Hair Removal?

Hair Free Beauty Skin
Hair Free Beauty Skin – Golden Pulse Laser Clinic

There are lots of advantages to choosing laser hair removal technique to have nice hair-free skin. If you are thinking to select the best way to get rid of your undesired hair, now is the perfect time to come to Golden Pulse Laser Clinic!

We are offering five starts laser hair removal services to our valuable clients in Vaughan, Markham as well as Richmond Hill

 Here are some of the reasons to get laser hair removal:

  1. Save time: On average people spend 65 hours a year to get rid of unwanted hair! You may save your valuable time only after a limited session of the laser process forever.
  2. Clear up skin: On many occasions, hair removal causes various skin irritations such as acne, razor burn, and red or discoloured spots. Shaving or waxing breakout cab be uncomfortable just like unwanted hair. Laser hair removal is a permanent solution to both of these problems.
  3. Easy and pain-free: New laser hail removal presented by Alma company (USA) has an internal cooling system that prevents skin damages and pain.
  4. Save money: The truth is that the cost of laser hair removal, to get a desired hair-free skin, is much less than what you will pay for other hair removal methods over your lifetime. You only pay for some sessions to get a permanent result.
  5. Self-confidence: Whether you are a man with a hairy body or a woman with undesired hair on your face, with self-conscious feeling, laser hair removal will back your comfort and confidence.
  6. Remove ingrown hair: One of the waxing and shaving side effect is increasing ingrown hair on the skin. The laser hair removal attack on hair’s follicle and cut-off hairs from the root.
ALMA Soprano Ice Laser Machine
ALMA Soprano Ice Laser Machine

Be Patient:

Something that lasts a lifetime takes time to perform. You may not see the noticeable differences after the initial treatment sessions. During laser treatment, you will see a change in the density of hair, change in the texture, pattern and speed of hair growth. These are the signs that show laser is working for you. Sometimes during the treatment, you see slower change be patient and give it time. If you follow the rules, you will see the proper result for your treatment.

In short, Laser Hair Removal is without a doubt a more effective, more permanent means of removing hair than tweezing, shaving or waxing but like all good things, Laser Hair Removal takes time. Although you will be required to return for a number of sessions, in the end, it is a short amount of time to sacrifice for a lifetime of no shaving.

Something that lasts a lifetime takes time to perform. Laser Hair Removal treatment is a journey. Be patient and enjoy it.

We aim for all our laser clients to receive a successful hair reduction. In order for us to do this, we need to be aware of any changes in your routine. If you started using any new medicine or receiving any treatment, please let us know.

Men Laser Hair Removal
Men Laser Hair Removal

No Waxing, Bleaching or Plucking hairs in treatment areas. The way that Laser works is by targeting the root of the hair follicle and destroying the hair follicle. Plucking or waxing hairs removes the root, which means the laser won’t be able to target it effectively and also it changes the cycle of hair growth which makes problems in the routine of treatment. So during laser treatment just do the shaving.