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Golden Pulse Vivier Products
Golden Pulse – Vivier Products

As time passes, our skin begins to show the signs of ageing. Many of us, whether men or women, want to find a way to combat the appearance of wrinkles, discolouration and uneven texture and, fortunately, modern aesthetics has provided ways to do so. Having the right medical-grade treatment and skincare line as a home regimen, help us to get to our goal. One of the leading medical-grade skincare brands is Vivier. Vivier is a Canadian medical-grade skincare line with over 30 years of experience of being in the market and developing new and exciting skincare products. This pharmaceutical skincare line owned and operated by scientists and chemists dedicated to formulating innovative, safe, and targeted skincare aimed to deliver visible improvements to the skin. Vivier is available exclusively to the dermatologists, Plastic surgeons and medical clinics.

Golden Pulse Vivier Products
Golden Pulse Vivier Products


·       Vivier is a Canadian line that means designed and created based on the geography and needs of this country.

·       Vivier only uses pharmaceutical grade ingredients and all the products are manufactured and tested at pharmaceutical standards.

Vivier Skincare Products In Golden Pulse Cosmetic Center
Vivier Skincare Products In Golden Pulse Cosmetic Center

·       Vitamin C serum is a must-have product for your skin. L-Ascorbic Acid is both a preventative and protective antioxidant essential to your daily skincare routine. Vivier Vitamin C serums are formulated using the highest and purest grade Vitamin C (USP) available. USP” stands for United States Pharmacopeia. It is the highest pharmaceutical standard recognized for quality, purity, strength and consistency. All Vivier’s patented Vitamin C serums contain only L-Ascorbic Acid USP. Using a Vivier Vitamin C serum will protect and improve the integrity of your skin, improving fine lines, wrinkles, and texture while improving collagen production to restore the skin’s youthful glow

·       All the serums are stable, so they stay effective longer. the proprietary delivery system ensures that they are deposited into the right layers.
The result is beautiful, bright, glowing and healthy skin.

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