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Hairloss Treatment

One of the latest procedures in hair restoration, which is nonsurgical, is Microneedling therapy. At Golden Pulse Laser clinic, we combine Micro needling with differnt high level hair strengthening products and low level laser treatment, a combination which make the result of our treatments so obvious without any downtime.

This technique:

Prolong                          the Anagen (Growth) Phase

Enhance                        Nutritional influences on hair follicles and scalp

Promote                         the proliferation of dermal papilla cells

Increase                         the activity of WNT signaling

Improve                        the vascular system of the scalp

Microneedle is now a therapy that you can use it to treat hair loss. The process involves using a device called Micropen, which features small fine needles that make tiny puncture holes in the skin. In response to this method, your body begins producing some of the chemical factors required to make your scalp thrive. By applying hair strengthening products on scalp and Microneedling on top, this product penetrates deep to the hair follicle and stimulates hair growth.