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Philash at Golden Pulse Cosmetic Center

We offer PHI Eyelash services in Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Markham and all-around of GTA to our valuable customers.

At Golden pulse laser, we strongly believe in protecting your natural lash health by using the highest quality supplies, performing a safe hygienic application and by carefully choosing the right thickness, curvature, and length to preserve the health of your lashes.

Choosing a good eyelash extension professional, one who used the proper techniques and quality products, is the key to a great eyelash extension application and safe removal. If you have been a victim of bad lashes, don’t let your bad experience ruin one of the best accessories a girl could ask for… Let us make you fall back in lash love!!!

Volume lash extension: I the traditional lash extension methods, the artist attaches one extension to each of your single natural lashes. It means that the process is based on attaching lashes on the existing natural lashes. But what will happen if the density of the existing natural lashes is too low?

Philash at Golden Pulse
Philash at Golden Pulse

PHI Volume lashes method offers a novel exciting new trend based on the lightest lashes in the market. In this method, the artist can attach multiple extremely light lashes to the natural lash without damaging the natural lashes’ follicle.

PHI volume lash is an innovative technique of applying for multiple extensions from 2 to 8 lashes per one natural lash without looking clumpy at the base or look like uneven cluster lashes. Volume lashes give the client a fluffier and fuller look. Eyelash extension is about adding length, volume, and creating a style that NO mere mascara or strip lash can deliver. We at Golden Pulse Laser Clinic offer PHI volume lash extension by certified PHI artists.   

To learn more about Philashes or PhiBrows treatment please call us to make a free consultation appointment with our artists.

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