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Luxury Gold Treatment

Using gold for skin treatment has become popular nowadays. Although, the use of gold in skin care products was very well known in ancient time and was used by Japanese, Romans, and Egyptians since early times. Gold has different effects on the skin which is included but not limited to:

1. with Gold treatment, Wrinkles, Fine Lines, Spots Can Be Reduced.

2. This treatment could stimulate Skin Cells to produce healthier skin.

3. Gold could prevent Premature Aging of the Skin.

4. Gold Can Lighten The Complexion.

5. It could slow down the Collagen decrease in the body.

6. Sun Damage Can Be Treated by Gold Treatment.

7. Allergies Can Be Treated.

8. Gold Treatment could work on Inflammation.

9. Elasticity Of The Skin Can Be Increased.

10. Gold brings a good radiance to Skin.

 To sum up, gold is gold. You will have to try it to believe the amazing gold skincare benefits.

At Golden Pulse Laser clinic, we are using 99.9 % pure gold which is completed by unique ingredients and systems that overcome Gold’s difficulty in penetrating the skin and dissolving easily.

The result of the treatment is immediate and obvious.

Effects of Gold on Skin

Egyptians believed the healing powers of gold could cure all manner of physical, mental and spiritual ailments. Romans used gold preparations for the treatment of skin lesions and sores. In ancient Chinese medicine, gold was the secret to youthful skin. Today, gold leaf is used in the treatment and rejuvenation of skin conditions. The application of gold compounds to medicine, called chrysotherapy, reduces inflammation beneficial in the treatment of a variety of diseases, but this therapy often causes adverse gold-related skin reactions.

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