Laser and Summer

First, let us discuss how laser hair removal works. Laser hair removal is the process of using laser light to penetrate the skin and prevent hair growth by destroying the hair follicle over a series of treatments. The hair in the treated areas falls out within 2-3 weeks. This procedure is great for long-term hair reduction in all areas, as there is no damage to the dermis involved.

Laser Hair Removal uses precise wavelengths that can focus on the melanin pigment and target it. These wavelengths are able to focus on the pigment while avoiding damage to the surrounding skin. When laser treatments first started, the lasers used on that time, did not have a great ability to focus wavelengths and, the darker your skin, the harder it was to remove the hair and the concept of avoiding laser in summer has its origin in that. While laser technology has advanced significantly, the newer generation of lasers can target body hair very effectively without affecting the surrounding skin. It means that you can certainly get laser hair removal during summer, while doing your best to avoid sun exposure generally.

With that said, we do not encourage you to run outside and start soaking in the rays. If you are planning to get laser hair removal, here are some tips to follow Laser Hair Removal in the summer:

Ø  Avoid water-based activities such as swimming for the first 24-48 hours after treatment.

Ø  Avoid direct sun exposure without protection to the treated area for two weeks prior to and after treatment.

Ø  Wear sun protection daily; it should be at least SPF 30 with active ingredients like titanium dioxide and zinc.

Ø  Resume your skin exfoliate 4 to 5 days after laser. This will allow your skin to recover long enough that there will be no irritation from enzymes or scrubs.

Final Word:

Summer and laser hair removal go together, but as always be sure to educate yourself beforehand to avoid complications. you should be fully aware of how to take care of yourself before and after laser hair removal, and also it is important to look for a highly experienced Laser Clinic with the right machine, then there is no better time than now to do your laser rather than later.