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3.300 CAD

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Phiscalp Micropigmentation
Training Workshop

Phiscalp Micropigmentation
Training Workshop

Scalp Micropigmentation

Our SMP Training Course Includes:

What will the course cover?

  • Workshop Day One: SMP Theory & Practicing on Latex
  • Workshop Day 2: Work on A Live Model
  • PhiScalp Micropigmentation Workshop Certificate
  • Six (6) months Online Training (Craft Master Platform)
  • PhiScalp Starter Micropigmentation Kit
    Six Months Unlimited Technical Suport
  • PhiScalp Micropigmentation Certificate of Completion
  • PhiScalp Logo
  • Placement on Phi Academy Artist World Map
  • Business Startup Consultation & Support
  • FREE Customer Service Course
  • FREE Skin Expert Course
  • FREE Hygiene Course
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No Doubt !
It's Worth It !

You can build your own small business after completing this course right away.

The Scalp Micropigmentation course is the only training in the world where 2 to 3 clients will pay off your full training cost!
You pay only $3300 for your complete training while the average price of SMP service is between $1500 to $3500 for each client!

Course fee

Scalp Micropigmentation training course including two days workshop and up to 6 months remote training and a starter kit:

3.300 CAD

Scalp Micropigmentation online training course (up to 6 months) including a starter kit:

2.200 CAD

Who Can Start A Career In SMP?

The good news is that to learn the scalp micropigmentation technique, you do not need any specific background in beauty or health, and you can start from scratch. We will teach you all you need to know to be a professional SMP artist.


  • Phi wipes block tonic
  • Phibrows marker pen
  • Practising latex blank
  • Phi Mixer
  • Skin Candy After Care
  • Ink cup
  • Phibrows pencils
  • Practicing latex head
  • Phi scalp measure
  • Phiscalp light pigment
  • Phiscalp medium
  • pigment
  • Phiscalp dark pigment

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The patients start to see the result from that after 4 to 6 sessions but it usually takes about three months to see the best result.


SMP is a great treatment for both men and women. This procedure does not hurt the healthy hair on the scalp. During the SMP the desired pigment will be added to the hairless spots only and it creates the illusion of fuller natural hair.

It depends on the many parameters such as the area of the treatment, skin and hair type. In general, most clients will only need 2 To 3 sessions to see a acceptable result. However, additional treatments might be required if the client wishes to increase the density in one area.

In SMP treatment (Scalp Micropigmentation) the color pigment should be deposited in the upper dermal layer of the skin, just deep enough in the skin to make it almost permanent. This shallow pigment penetration compared with the Tattooing makes the SMP appear more like a hair follicle and natural.