High-Quality Facial Treatment and Products Overview

When we talk about skin beauty, North Americans are well known for their dedication and innovation.

It is not surprising that they are producing enormous facial medicines and products. Canadian and American companies and brands are well known for facial treatment products and beauty procedures, each intended to address explicit skin concerns.

Whether you are looking for a brightening, anti-aging, or hydrating treatment, we have the right procedure and safe high-quality products for you at Golden Pulse Cosmetic clinic.

We never risk your skin and beauty!

Let us look in more detail at some of the most popular facial richmond hill treatments at our clinic:

Oxygenating Trio Facial

High-Quality Facial Treatment And Products Overview

Oxygenating Trio Facial is an ideal treatment when you have a plan for a special event! We recommend the Oxygenating Trio Facial one to two days before your special ceremony or event. This treatment also rejuvenates skin that has been exposed to pollutants, smoke, and toxins material that lowers the skin level of oxygen.

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Acne Treatment

High-Quality Facial Treatment And Products Overview

Certainly, Acne is the most unpleasant and common skin concern.

This creates whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples on the skin. Acne happens at different levels and severity and there is not a one-size-fits-all treatment to address this problem.

Golden Pulse skin treatment technicians are PCA Certified professionals. We at Golden Pulse Richmond Hill and Newmarket use the best Acne treatment facials products to ensure this problem is treated appropriately and consider each person’s unique needs.

Anti-aging Facial

High-Quality Facial Treatment And Products Overview

Almost 85% of visible aging effects are attributed to external factors, such as sun exposure. These damages create fine lines and wrinkles.

To treat the visible aging effects, it is important to use products that can treat existing damage effectively and prevent future damage. We are using high-quality products that treat the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and firm the skin with almost no downtime.

Brightening Facial

High-Quality Facial Treatment And Products Overview

To treat and address your skin sun damage, hormonal shifts, or skin injuries, we combine Microdermabrasion with PCA pigmentation products to see more effective results.


High-Quality Facial Treatment And Products Overview

Dermaplaning is a medical treatment by using a sterile, surgical blade to gently remove the top layer of dead skin along with fine facial hairs. This treatment instantly results in skin with a smooth appearance and a radiant glow.This is an effective treatment for people looking to make their skin appear more youthful, smooth, and bright.

Some of the benefits of this treatment are as follows:

Chemical Peel

High-Quality Facial Treatment And Products Overview

This treatment is designed to regenerate and rejuvenate the skin. We at Golden Pulse only utilize Canadian-approved products that are medical-grade, tailored to gently and effectively reduce the appearance of chronic sun exposure, blemishes, uneven skin tone, acne, and enlarged pores.

Gold Facial

High-Quality Facial Treatment And Products Overview

Egyptians believed the healing powers of gold could cure all manner of physical, mental, and spiritual ailments. 

Today, gold leaf is used in the treatment and rejuvenation of skin conditions. The application of gold compounds to medicine, called chrysotherapy, reduces inflammation beneficial in the treatment of a variety of diseases, but this therapy often causes adverse gold-related skin reactions.

Using gold for skin treatment has become popular nowadays. Although, the use of gold in skincare products was very well known in ancient times and was used by the Japanese, Romans, and Egyptians since early times.

At Golden Pulse cosmetic center, we are using 99.9 % pure gold which is completed by unique ingredients and systems that overcome Gold’s difficulty in penetrating the skin and dissolving easily.

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