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Stemcell Therapy

Every organ and tissue in our body grew out of a cluster of stem cells early in development & stem cells have the power to make some changes. With stimulating stem cell production we can stimulate skin regeneration and hair growth.

Stem-cell therapy can be viewed as a way to restore embryonic potential to a patient’s aged or damaged cells. The goal of stem-cell therapy would be to regenerate aging tissue of the face.

At Golden Pulse clinic we are using APPE product for this treatment. APPE is mixture of refined growth factors extracted from human adipose-derived stem cells conditioned media and induces collagen synthesis in dermal cells.

AAPE is the protein messengers extracted from these stem cells, and hence AAPE have the innate ability to rearrange, change, or repair local tissues significantly and rapidly. One of the most promising uses for AAPE may be the regeneration of facial fat that has been lost through the natural aging process — facial fat atrophy. AAPE could not only replace lost facial volume, but may also be able to rejuvenate the face by regenerating the skin from the inside out.

We are combining Microneedling treatment with APPE stem cell. Microneedles by creating micro-injuries to skin produce more collagen and elastin, and also helps that AAPE absorbs deep  to the dermal layer of skin.

This treatment makes thicker epidermis, significant change in the texture of skin, regenerates and rejuvenates facial tissue and overly firmer, tighter and even skin tone and texture.

Safety & efficiency:

AAPE which is the growth factors derived from stem cells harvested from human fat cells have been certified safe by CTFA (Cosmetic. Toiletry and Fragrance Association) as an approved cosmetic ingredient (Sep/13/2006). It has also been registered with INCI as human adipocyte conditioned media extract. This product is patented.

(Patent registration number: PCT/KR2006/004111).