Laser in Summer

Golden Pulse Laser Clinic - Laser in Summer
There is a myth that you should not do laser hair removal in summer. The reason for that is that in summer the sun makes some pigmentation on skin and an old generation of laser machines, laser light could not distinguish between hair melanin and skin melanin and by grabbing skin, and melanin could be harmful to skin that is why with old generation of laser we could not work on skin type 5 and 6. However, nowadays, technology has advanced and the newer generation of lasers have been designe...
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“Follicular Edema”( Red Skin Bumps)

Golden Pulse Laser Clinic -Red Skin Bumps
Different people show difference reaction to laser hair removal depending on the skin and hair types that they have. One of the reactions is Follicular Edema. Follicular Edema is an inflammation of the hair follicle which could cause skin to be swollen, itchy and blemishes. It is a temporary reaction and it would last from 30 minutes to a couple of hours. The reason for Follicular Edema is that during the laser hair removal treatment, the laser concentrates a large amount of heat on each hai...
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Hair Growth Cycles

Golden Pulse Laser Clinic - Hair Growth Cycle
Hair growth cycles have a direct effect on how Laser hair removal works. One of the most popular questions is that why laser hair removal is not 100% permanent and the answer is in the way that hair growth in our body. First, new hair will start growing at the root and will continue to grow until it reaches its maximum length. It will then shed and finally be replaced by a new hair and the cycle begins all over again. In total, there are three main phases in a hair’s life cycle: First, new h...
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