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Hair Regrowth

SMP (SCALP Micropigmentation)

Scalp Micropigmentation at Golden Pulse Bradford and Richmond Hill by PHI Artists
PHI-Scalp Micropigmentation at Golden Pulse Cosmetic Center Bradford & Richmond Hill In each era of history, always hair loss has been a concern for human being. Hair loss can be distressing, even devastating for women and men. Hair is often linked to a woman’s femininity, identity and feelings of attractiveness. Men's hair loss can negatively affect their lives, including their relationships, careers and confidence. Almost 70% of Males and 20% of Females will Experience Hair Loss at s...
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AAPE For Hair Regrowth

Golden Pulse Laser Clinic - AAPE for Hair Regrowth
AAPE is a mixture of refined growth factors, which can be used along with microneddling process to make hair growth twice faster. AAPE hair applies to various types of hair and hair-loss conditions.  Contact us at Golden Pulse for more information and consultation session.   Golden Pulse Laser Clinic - AAPE for Hair Regrowth
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Hairloss Treatment

Hair Loss
One of the latest procedures in hair restoration, which is nonsurgical, is Microneedling therapy. At Golden Pulse Laser clinic, we combine Micro needling with differnt high level hair strengthening products and low level laser treatment, a combination which make the result of our treatments so obvious without any downtime.
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