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Laser Hair Removal treatment is a journey.

Golden Pulse Laser Hair Removal
If you're not happy with shaving, tweezing, or waxing to remove unwanted hair, laser hair removal may be an option worth considering. Laser hair removal is one of the most commonly done cosmetic procedures nowadays. Without doubt, it is more effective, more permanent means of removing hair than tweezing, shaving or waxing. However, before starting your treatment, it is important to manage your expectations of what the results of laser treatment might be for you. There are a couple of po...
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Is laser hair removal permanent?

Although hair removal from hair follicles destroyed by laser waves is permanent, some hair in the targeted area still will grow back. To reduce the number of remaining hair, and obtain the maximum result of the laser hair removal process, the laser treatment sessions shall be repeated over time in a specific timing plan. In general, the number of hairs that grow back and the percentage of the laser treatment success depend on several factors such as hair type, quality of laser machine and t...
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AAPE For Hair Regrowth

Golden Pulse Laser Clinic - AAPE for Hair Regrowth
AAPE is a mixture of refined growth factors extracted from human adipose derived stem cells conditioned media and induces proliferation of dermal papilla cells of human hair follicles to make hair growth twice faster. Stem cell applies to various types of hair and hair-loss conditions.  Contact us at Golden Pulse  for more information and consultation session.   Golden Pulse Laser Clinic - AAPE for Hair Regrowth
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Stem Cell Therapy

Every organ and tissue in our body grew out of a cluster of stem cells early in development. A stem cell differs from every other cell in the body in its ability to renew itself. It can divide into many more just like it. Stem cells can repair and replace tissue in the human body. Nowadays we are using this concept in different medical and beauty areas. At Golden Pulse Clinic we are using Stem Cell Therapy in two different areas: Stem Cell Facial Therapy for anti-aging and intense fa...
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Six reasons to choose laser hair removal

Golden Pulse Laser Clinic - Laser Hair Removal
There are lots of advantages to choosing laser hair removal technique to have a nice hair-free skin. If you are thinking to select the best way to get rid of your undesired hair, now is the perfect time to come to Golden Pulse Laser Clinic! Here are some of the reasons to get laser hair removal: Save time: On average people spend 65 hours a year to get rid of unwanted hair! You may save your valuable time only after a limited session of laser process forever.Clear up skin: On many occasions,...
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Oily Skin

Having Oily skin is because of over production of sebum by sebaceous glands which are located deep within the skin’s layer. Too much sebum can clog pores and cause the acnes. So People who have oily skin they challenge with open pores and acne more than others. Here are some guide to help yourself if you have oily skin: 1-Wash your face with right facial wash proper for oily skin twice a day.(morning and night) 2-Use proper toner after using facial wash. The toners that contain alc...
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8 Tips to have healthy skin in winter

Golden Pulse Laser Clinic - Healthy Skin
1.     Add more moisture to dry winter air by using a humidifier to keep skin hydrated. Central heaters make the air drier especially when the heater is set above 72 F. 2.     Limit shower time to 5-10 minutes. 3.     Wash your hands and face with fragrance-free, moisturizing cleanser or gel, and using less soap during winter time. 4.     Select proper facial skin-care regimen for the wi...
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Laser in Summer

Golden Pulse Laser Clinic - Laser in Summer
There is a myth that you should not do laser hair removal in summer. The reason for that is that in summer the sun makes some pigmentation on skin and an old generation of laser machines, laser light could not distinguish between hair melanin and skin melanin and by grabbing skin, and melanin could be harmful to skin that is why with old generation of laser we could not work on skin type 5 and 6. However, nowadays, technology has advanced and the newer generation of lasers have been designe...
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“Follicular Edema”( Red Skin Bumps)

Golden Pulse Laser Clinic -Red Skin Bumps
Different people show difference reaction to laser hair removal depending on the skin and hair types that they have. One of the reactions is Follicular Edema. Follicular Edema is an inflammation of the hair follicle which could cause skin to be swollen, itchy and blemishes. It is a temporary reaction and it would last from 30 minutes to a couple of hours. The reason for Follicular Edema is that during the laser hair removal treatment, the laser concentrates a large amount of heat on each hai...
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Hair Growth Cycles

Golden Pulse Laser Clinic - Hair Growth Cycle
Hair growth cycles have a direct effect on how Laser hair removal works. One of the most popular questions is that why laser hair removal is not 100% permanent and the answer is in the way that hair growth in our body. First, new hair will start growing at the root and will continue to grow until it reaches its maximum length. It will then shed and finally be replaced by a new hair and the cycle begins all over again. In total, there are three main phases in a hair’s life cycle: First, new h...
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